Online tax

We complete all online tax returns using ROS system. AGC Associates will complete the following online returns for you.


  • VAT: Bi-monthly VAT3s, Annual Return of Trading Details (RTD)
  • Corporation tax return CT1,
  • PAYE P30, P35, P45, P46 and P60
Online Tax  summary.

We will generate an online tax summary report showing you all the taxes that have been paid and become due for your company using the figures you have supplied to us. We will also calculate all your payroll taxes if appropriate.

Tax is a complex area and can produce nasty surprises with large penalties for non compliance.

  • Online tax reports
  • File returns online
  • Make payments by laser card, debit instruction or by online banking for Income Tax only
  • Obtain online details of personal/clients Revenue Accounts
  • Calculate tax liability
  • Conduct business electronically
  • Claim repayments quickly
  • Help with cash flows
Online Tax advantages

Using ROS for online tax provides a number of advantages:

  • Efficient, timely and cost effective service
  • Must easier to manage affairs online where you can check anything 24 hours  a day.
  • Faster delivery and turn around times with fewer mistakes with online tax
  • Time reduction using online tax by not having to manual complete forms.

Useful Tax Forms

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