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Irish Payroll

AGC Associates provide Irish payroll solutions  using  leading Irish payroll software customised to our client’s needs. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls are available and the service includes all reports, Revenue returns and end of year processing.

Irish Payroll Service

Use your time more efficiently by outsourcing your Irish payroll needs to a reliable payroll bureau. Whether you are looking for full service, specialist-assisted payroll management or just need a more convenient and efficient way to administer your payroll needs online, AGC Associates has the answer. We work with a variety of businesses, some with as little as 2 employees. We understand that no two organizations are alike, and that is why AGC assigns a payroll specialist to work on your individual account and uncover each intricacy of your business so that we can deliver the best solution. As with all of our payroll and business service offerings, we uphold extremely high standards to eliminate administrative hassles and streamline your everyday operations.


Our Irish Payroll Service eliminates your payroll headaches
  • We have an easy business approach to Irish payroll which asks you to input variable data on your PC, laptop or smart phone  and we take care of everything else.
  • Never struggle with year-end P35 and Monthly or quarterly P30s
  • Rest assured that Easy Business Irish Payroll service looks after your Revenue returns and payments on-time, every time.


Irish Payroll Overview and FAQ

1. What reports will AGC Associates include in my Irish payroll package?

Standard Reports

  • Payroll Control summary
  • Gross to net report
  • Pay slips
  • Cost report
  • Nominal ledger postings
  • Easy Business will process Irish payroll costs through its online accounting packages

Bespoke reports

We can design or customize other reports from your Irish payroll relevant to your business.

2. How do I send my payroll data to AGC Associates?

We offer a variety of payroll data entry options to enable you to choose the best method for your needs. You can send your payroll data at the agreed time each period via email, Dropbox, or SMS in an agreed format appropriate to the nature of your business. Regardless of the method you use your payroll specialist review the data before  processing your payroll.

3. How do I make sure that the information I send is properly entered into the payroll system?

Easy Business carries out extensive checks and balances to check reports against input documents before  these are issued to you. In the unlikely event that you discover errors when you receive your reports you should immediately contact Easy Business, and corrections will be immediately made.

4.  How does AGC Associates handle my Revenue returns and payments?

AGC Associates  Irish Payroll Service prepares and submits all your monthly, quarterly and annual Revenue reports, as well as employee documentation (P45, P60, P2C). All Revenue returns are submitted on ROS (Revenue Online Service) and payments made through RDI (ROS Debit Instruction)

5.  How do I add/remove employees from my payroll?

Your payroll specialist will guide you through the process of adding a new employee and will specify the information required from you. For termination of employees, AGC will calculate holiday pay and other entitlements and will issue a P45 and other relevant documentation.

6. Can AGC Associates arrange payments to employees?

Normally you will be responsible for making payments to employees. However, if desired AGC will get access to your online banking facility and process employee payments for your subsequent digital signature.

7.  What payroll options are available?

The AGC Irish Payroll Service provides weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll solutions.

8.  How much does it cost?

We charge a small price per employee per period. Our charges are all-inclusive so there is never any extra charge for end of year reports, or payslips etc.

9.  How am I billed?

We will bill you for your Irish Payroll Service monthly in arrears. For example the invoice for July payroll processing will be invoiced 31st July and will be paid by direct debit on 1st August.

10. Can I avail of the payroll service on a stand alone basis or must it be part of an accounting services package?

AGC Associates provides payroll services on a stand alone basis. You can add some or all of our other services and supports as required.